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Hi, I'm Gerrit Sonnabend. I am a German medical journalist who specializes in reflux. Let me show you how world-leading experts treat heartburn.

Heartburn is Curable

But nobody is interested in curing you.

Our health-care system is corrupt.

Pharma companies earn ridiculous amounts of cash by marketing and selling their heartburn medications. They need you to buy drugs every month or their business model doesn’t work.

Healthy patients do not create revenue.

Heartburn Medication Is a Billion-Dollar Business

Walk into your doctor’s office and complain about heartburn. Nine times out of ten, you will be prescribed a proton-pump inhibitor (or PPI), better known under brand names like Nexium, Protonix, Prilosec, or Prevacid.

What’s wrong with just popping a pill to be done with heartburn?

Acid suppressants will get rid of the pain. But only in the short-term.

The honeymoon doesn’t last forever. 

The pain will come back.

Reflux will continue to cause damage in your body, despite the medication. Until finally the inflammation breaks through again, along with your heartburn.

Only now you are already on PPI. You are already pushed against the wall. And at this point it’s so much harder to find a solution.

Better to act early.

It’s easier to prevent damage to your body than to reverse it. 

But how come PPIs are the go-to treatment prescribed by doctors?

Mass-Scale Deception

Our health-care system is short on staff.

There are too many patients for too few doctors. Medical centers are drowning under a flood of sick patients.

That’s why most doctors don’t have time to spare.

Treating a patient with heartburn properly takes a lot of time. Particularly when it comes to analyzing their diet and lifestyle.

That’s time doctors simply don’t have.

It’s much quicker to write a prescription and move on to the next patient.

This lack of time also shows up when it comes to education.

By law, doctors are required to continue their studies. But they are so busy that few bother organizing their own education.

Studying costs precious time. And time is money. Especially if you are in the medical business.

Instead, doctors rely on the pharma industry to deliver bite-sized education, neatly packaged and ready to go.

The Pharma-Industry’s “Education

Pharma companies invest piles of cash into delivering research that fits their own agenda. You can imagine what seminars organized by the pharma industry are about: making heartburn drugs look good.

In any major city, a doctor can go to gourmet restaurants and dine for free, any time. The catch? There will be some kind of conference hosted by a pharmaceutical company.

Same goes for holidays. If you are a doctor, no need to pay for a relaxing weekend trip. There’s always a pharma company hosting a nice break somewhere, with some educational program on the side.

Of course, most of these doctors don’t plan to be influenced in any way that would be harmful to their patients. But we are all human. If doctors are bombarded all the time with one-sided information, it will of course influence how they treat their patients. Especially since they don’t have time to question the research they get on these free “educational” seminars.

There is No Money in Curing Patients

You see, the lobby pushing drugs is very strong. It has deep pockets too.

There are many ways to treat heartburn successfully, long-term, and without drugs. Some ways involve eating the right foods.

The food industry has a lobby, sure. But it’s tiny compared to the pharma lobby.

Can you imagine the food industry running a gigantic deceptive campaign to influence doctors’ treatments?


Me neither.

However, I don’t want to paint the wrong picture here.

It’s not like every medical company has deep pockets.

For example, companies that work on cures, instead of drugs, have a much harder time getting the truth out.

Those type of treatments are notoriously more difficult to market, simply because they have a lower advertising budget. There is no money in healing patients. You make money once, that’s it. A sick patient on the other hand, who buys drugs each month, makes a great cash-cow.

What would you rather be?


Or a cash-cow?

Acid Suppressing Drugs Cause Long-Term Damage

Numerous studies in recent years have shown the long-term harm that acid reflux drugs can do.

These meds have been linked to problems like kidney damage and heart attacks.

However, those issues take decades to show. That is why many people find it difficult to take these risks into account when it comes to deciding whether to take a pill or not.

So, let me show you a few short to mid-term problems caused by heartburn medications:

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Stomach acid is essential for the absorption of many nutrients. Without enough acidity, the stomach cannot break down the food and turn it into absorbable vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin B12 is critically affected by acid reflux medication. One study showed that B12 levels went down by 72% with a 20mg prescription of Prilosec, and 88% with a 40mg prescription.

In other words, PPIs cause an extreme decrease of this vital vitamin.

B12 is essential for our nerves and our brain.

Not getting enough B12 can result in an extensive list of health issues, like nerve damage, severe chronic pain, hypotension, weakness, depression and vision disturbances.

PPIs Cause Bad Bacteria Overgrowth

Stomach acid is important for our gut health.

Without enough acidity, additional digestive disorders like SIBO can manifest. SIBO is short for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

SIBO happens when harmful bacteria colonize the small intestine, replacing the good bacteria.

Proton-pump inhibitors greatly increase the risk of developing SIBO. The alkaline/acidity (or pH) balance in the gut affects which bacteria can survive there. A meta study found that people who use PPIs have a 71% higher risk of developing bacterial overgrowth.

One of the most common symptoms of SIBO is increased gas. This bloating puts pressure on our intestines and our stomach, which can lead to even more reflux.

How to Cure Heartburn Without Pills

My reflux started with heartburn. Later it progressed to other symptoms.

I made a ton of mistakes while trying to get rid of my reflux.

I simply didn’t have the right information.

Later, I realized that I needed more advanced help.

Lucky for me, I have a scientific background and worked in health-care. I was able to make heartburn a work project.

I spoke to all the leading experts on reflux.

I dug out all the research papers there are. I found out what really works – and what doesn’t.

As a patient, it’s really difficult to find competent doctors. Those who really excel at curing heartburn are busy treating patients, instead of doing marketing.

I, on the other hand, was able to track those rare unicorns down.

All the experts I interviewed were horrified about what most patients with heartburn are prescribed. The majority of doctors are brain-washed by the pharma industry.

I found out how these successful doctors treat their patients. For the most part, it comes down to eliminating triggers. But most medical practitioners only know the most basic reflux triggers.

When I say triggers, I don’t just mean what you eat, but all the various triggers in your body and environment.

Unfortunately, most doctors don’t even look at dietary triggers; just prescribe medication that reduces the pain for a while.

That’s no surprise at all.

You might not know this, but nutrition is barely taught in medical school, if it is taught at all.

Crazy, right?

Even my grandma knew how important having a good meal is for our health.

Instead, medical schools focus on diagnosing symptoms. Acceptable treatments are medication and surgeries.

That’s why I wrote this book. To give innovative treatment approaches a voice.

Treatments that work.

When I say treatments that work, I mean permanent cures. Not just things that work for a while.

Heartburn isn’t normal. It’s only become a mass phenomenon because our society has completely lost touch with how to live healthily. Instead of finding sustainable solutions, a whole industry has developed around keeping symptoms in check with pills.

Many cases of heartburn can be resolved by making just a few changes in your daily life.

You can still enjoy food and drinks, you just need to shift things around a little.

But don’t worry. Even if you’ve tried that already, there are other things that work.

In my book you’ll find diet-based approaches, but also medical procedures that will help you get rid of heartburn for good.

1.    Get rid of Heartburn: I will show you scientifically proven treatment methods, instead of voodoo tricks.
2.     Natural & Medical Options: I will share natural remedies & diet options, as well as lesser-known medical options.
3.    Save Time & Money: Finding a good doctor can take ages. Drugs cost a lot of money. Let me help you now.
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Chapter 1 - Basics

  • Discover why cases of heartburn are on the up.
  • What causes heartburn and how you can use that knowledge to cure your symptoms.

Chapter 2 - Eliminating Triggers

  • There are way more causes of heartburn than most people think. We will look at 19 groups of triggers in detail.
  • Reflux triggers can be physical, dietary, psychological, neurological and medication-related. We will talk about all of them.
  • Master the process of identifying heartburn triggers in your daily life – and how to eliminate them.
  • Heal even treatment-resistant heartburn by uncovering triggers you weren’t aware of..
  • Get clear instructions on how to play your favorite sports without worsening reflux.
  • Which medications are typical triggers for reflux and which alternatives are out there?
  • Learn which anti-heartburn strategies are the most promising. Hint: It’s not the ones most people think.

Chapter 3 – Correct Diagnosis

  • Which tests to insist on for a reliable heartburn diagnosis
  • How to identify competent physicians to diagnose your heartbutn?

Chapter 4 – Dietary Treatment

  • The secret on how to healing heartburn permanently with diet.
  • The 24 best foods that don’t trigger your heartburn.
  • Why eating rhythm and meal timing are important.
  • The huge common mistake most people make when it comes to dietary treatment.
  • 5 heartburn poison foods to avoid. You’ll notice a massive improvement in your symptoms if you leave these off your plate.
  • How to split your meals to prevent activating your heartburn.
  • 13 common heartburn-triggering ingredients.
  • How to spot and avoid ingredients that might trigger your heartburn.

Chapter 5 – Medication 

  • Why pharma corporations invest piles of cash to keep useful heartburn treatments a secret.
  • Which lesser-known drugs reduce heartburn (and the science behind it).
  • The plant-based medication that reduces reflux.
  • How to decrease your acid-reducing medication intake without worsening your heartburn symptoms (no rebound effect).

Module 6 – Medical Procedures

  • Learn which procedures help even the most extreme cases of heartburn.
  • Why most surgeons and hospitals continue carrying out the same procedures, despite better alternatives.
  • Types of fundoplication and their heartburn-healing success rates.
  • The truth about side-effects of different procedures, that are often played down.
  • A new procedure that provides a very interesting low-risk alternative to traditional anti-reflux surgeries.
  • Answering one of the most important questions: At which point does surgery make sense for you?

Want To Feel Better As Early as Possible?

My exclusive bonus content takes you by the hand. It will help you implement the strategies from the eBook fast and with minimum effort.

Bonus Content

  • The summed-up List of Heartburn Triggers, which will make avoiding reflux a breeze.
  • The Diet Cheat-Sheet which shows you which foods to INCLUDE in your diet, which ones are RISKY (but can pass), and which ones to AVOID. (Print it out and put it on your fridge or take it with you when you go to the supermarket, to make shopping quick and easy).
  • Observe your symptoms systematically with my Symptoms Diary and discover which treatments will help you most effectively.

It’s Completely Risk-Free For 30 Days

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P.S.: I see it all the time. People waiting too long to do something about their heartburn. What’s worse, instead of taking a step in the right direction, they take shortcuts by trying all kinds of harmful medications, snake-oils or wonder treatments. The result is more harm and damage, making the healing process longer, painful, and more difficult.

Luckily, those cases make up only a small fraction. Most of my readers take their health into their own hands, start the healing process with an excellent prognosis, and continue their lives heartburn-free. Join them!