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Why Gaviscon Advance is Superior to Regular Gaviscon

  Gaviscon is a medication that relieves reflux. It is important to know that its formula varies from country to country. Many pharmaceutical companies do that for marketing reasons. The Gaviscon available in the US has a different formula than in most other countries. However, the US version is not one I can recommend. The…

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The image stands for burning mouth syndrome

Why Reflux can Worsen Burning Mouth Syndrome

  Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) is a chronic pain disorder. As the name suggests, most people with BMS have a burning sensation in the mouth. However, other symptoms include a stabbing or scalding pain. The pain usually affects the mouth and tongue. The throat, gums & lips can also be affected.   More People Have…

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The Supreme Guide to LPR Causes & Treatment

  There are many causes of LPR. Which is why there are many potential solutions as well. Many physicians treat generically – each patient receives the same treatment. If the patient is lucky, that treatment tackles the root cause. If not, the LPR will persist or come back. For a permanent cure, you need the…

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Review of Diet for LPR

Review: The Koufman Diet & Dropping Acid Cookbook

  Dr. Jamie Koufman is a, if not THE, pioneer in treating laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR). She has coined the term LPR as well as its synonyms: silent reflux, airway reflux & respiratory reflux. Dr. Koufman’s authority goes back to the books that she published about LPR. There are two versions of the book available. The…

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The stretta procedure, also called stretta therapy is for healing LPR.

What is the Stretta Procedure and can it Heal LPR? Interview with Dr. Mark Noar

  When lifestyle and dietary measures fail, most people think they have to use medication or do a very invasive surgery. But there is something in the middle of these two choices – the Stretta procedure. The Stretta procedure is done without cutting you open. Therefore, it is less invasive than typical anti-reflux operations –…

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Christopher Chang talk about laryngeal sensory neuropathy and chronic cough also known as neurogenic or neuropathic cough

What LPR Has to Do with Laryngeal Sensory Neuropathy & Chronic Cough

  Neuropathy means that nerves are somehow damaged. Nerve damage happens quite often, especially in the nerves in the larynx which are very close to the surface. That is why they can easily be irritated and damaged. For example, they often are injured during an infection. Originally, I started Refluxgate with the intention of helping…

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I discuss with Dr Mark Noar the value of pH monitoring with Restech to Diagnose LPR

How to Diagnose Your LPR by using Restech pH Monitoring

  Most refluxers get pH monitoring done to diagnose their LPR. But most of them have no clue how to interpret the results. At the same time, many patients feel their physician did not take the time to properly explain the results. So it might be helpful for you to know more about how to interpret…

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Interview with Dr Mark Noar about LPR

The Importance of the Sphincters in Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease (LPR)

  Between the stomach and airways, we have sphincters. These are made to protect us from reflux. Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease (LPR) is caused by a problem with these sphincters. I have interviewed Dr. Mark D. Noar to get a deeper insight into this matter. Dr. Noar is a gastroenterologist who has a deep understanding of…

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Interview about Peptest

Interview: Prof. Peter Dettmar – LPR Diagnosis with Peptest

  This is the last part of the interview with Professor Peter Dettmar. In the last three parts, we already covered the following topics: Part #1: The role of the stomach enzyme pepsin in LPR Part #2: Advanced questions about the symptoms Part #3: Treatment   Professor Dettmar and his team developed a test for silent reflux…

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Peter Dettmar on Treatment of LPR

Interview: Prof. Peter Dettmar – Treatment of LPR

  It is hard for patients to find help for their LPR. One reason is: even if you have diagnosed the disease it is very hard to treat. There is no magic pill for it. Additionally, there is a lot of misinformation about LPR treatment out there – even among health practitioners. Find out what…

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