Are you a physician or a registered dietitian? Do you work in another medical profession?

I am searching for medical professionals who want to collaborate with me on Refluxgate.

In the last 12 months, 870,118 unique users informed themselves on Refluxgate. That is the combined number of the Refluxgate network, consisting of the German language version and the English version

Together, we can serve those people even better.

Possible Cooperations

  • Online courses
  • Marketing for your book on reflux
  • Medical devices & aids
  • Online consultations
  • Patient referrals
  • I am open to other ideas

Contact me if you...

  • ... have comprehensive knowledge of reflux treatment
  • ... excel at what you are doing
  • ... are open to modern methods of communication
  • ... want to harness the internet's potential to help people

If that sounds like you, contact me directly at !

I look forward to hearing from you,