Help for Silent Reflux

Finding reliable information on silent reflux can be difficult. The links below will help you.

What Is Silent Reflux and What Causes It?

When most people think of reflux, they think of heartburn. No surprise there. Dozens of TV adverts showcase medicines that promise relief from heartburn.   

Silent reflux is less well-known. In this article you’ll learn about the biological mechanisms behind silent reflux, so you can better understand how it develops and how it affects the body.

The silence reflux mechanism
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The 12 Most Common Symptoms of Silent Reflux

It’s easy to confuse silent reflux with other health conditions, because the symptoms can be similar to what you might experience from pollen allergies or asthma. I’m going to share the most common signs to help you work out if you suffer from silent reflux.

Online Test – Do I Have Silent Reflux?

Physicians use the Reflux Symptom Index (RSI) to measure how strong a person’s silent reflux is.

I have digitalized the test for you. It only takes a few minutes. Simply answer some questions about your symptoms to discover whether you suffer from silent reflux. Click the link above and take the test online.

treatment of silent reflux is often wrong

Why Even Prescription Medications Can’t Fix Silent Reflux

Physicians often prescribe acid reducing medication - proton pump inhibitors (PPI) - for silent reflux. Those are the same drugs used to treat heartburn. Most physicians assume PPI can relieve silent reflux just as well.

But this assumption is wrong. All the latest studies show that reflux medication does not work for silent reflux. This article will explain why.   

Online Course: Heal Your Silent Reflux

What can you do to heal your silent reflux for good? I’ve poured years of research into this online course. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to fully understand the condition, brand new treatments that work (and which ones don’t), lifestyle strategies to support your digestive system, and a complete blueprint to start your journey towards a reflux-free life.

I will help you to get rid of silent reflux once and for all.