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Reflux Hypersensitivity

Some patients are more sensitive to reflux than others. For instance, some people might have light reflux but severe symptoms. They might go to the doctor, who carries out 24-hour pH monitoring. The test might only show light reflux despite the fact they have significant heartburn. This phenomenon is called esophageal hypersensitivity, or reflux hypersensitivity. […]

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How to Fix Reflux for Good

This is the fourth and final part of my interview series with Dr. Mark Noar about the link between gastric motility and acid reflux. In the previous parts we discussed some foundational factors: gastric motility, gastroparesis, and pyloric outlet obstruction. Now we will discuss how all those things paint a complete picture of a patient’s […]

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The Hidden Link Between Gastroparesis and Reflux Treatments

Basically, gastroparesis means delayed gastric emptying. Gastroparesis can lead to a host of symptoms. Bloating, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and acid reflux, are just a few of them. I interviewed expert gastroenterologist Dr. Mark Noar, to find out about the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of gastroparesis. Interview on Gastroparesis & Reflux In a few sentences, […]

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Obstruction of the Pyloric Sphincter Causes Reflux

The pyloric sphincter sits at the bottom end of the stomach. It controls how fast food enters the intestines. It is surprisingly common for the pyloric sphincter to be too tight. Some common medical terms for that are pyloric obstruction, pyloric stenosis, and gastric outlet obstruction. If the pyloric sphincter is obstructed, it can cause […]

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How Gastric Motility Affects Reflux

The term “gastric motility” refers to the movements of the stomach. Without this motility, it would be much more difficult for the stomach to digest and move food into the intestines. Understanding gastric motility is crucial when it comes to diagnosing and treating many digestive diseases, including acid reflux and LPR. I spoke to gastric […]

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What is the Stretta Procedure and can it Cure Reflux?

When lifestyle and dietary measures fail, most people think they have to use medication or do a very invasive surgery. But there is something in the middle of these two choices – the Stretta procedure. The Stretta procedure is done without cutting you open. Therefore, it is less invasive than typical anti-reflux operations – like […]

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